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Product categories

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WM Wellmax Marketing Sdn Bhd is a stationery wholesalers business company located in Butterworth, Penang with over 20 years of experience in the stationery business. The company specializes in the creation of fast-moving stationery and selling it. The company is a supplier for many places ranging from schools to government departments. The company has created and sold over 2500 different kinds of products and each with multiple series features, there sure is something that will fulfill your requirements. All the products that were created by the company were designed specifically to meet the latest market trend and to satisfy the customers in every way possible. WM Wellmax Marketing Sdn Bhd is also specialized in the wholesaling and retailing business and the company is one of the largest stationery suppliers in Northern Malaysia.

There are a lot of product categories sold by WM Wellmax Marketing Sdn Bhd. The main products are papers & cards, stationery and household goods. All these products can be bought wholesale or separately. With over 2500 kinds of products, there are of course plenty of categories to choose from. Some of the more popular categories are bags & pencil cases, books & writing pads, desk accessories, fill holders & refill and writing instruments.

Every working desk needs certain tools or accessories for us to do our work. With the right accessories, all the jobs will be done more smoothly. Some of the desk accessories are calculators which is very handy nowadays while doing complicated and long calculation, clips and pins to hold your working sheets together so that the desk would not be a mess to work on, correction tapes/fluid and erasers to erase the errors we made and of course one of the most common things on a working desk is the stamp pad and refill. Working desks should also have some envelopes or files to keep all the documents in one place and not make the whole desk like a mess. A card holder for the business cards is preferable on a desk too since one might need to give to another person for future uses.

Now let’s talk about writing instruments that were sold by WM Wellmax Marketing Sdn Bhd. Almost all people use writing instruments ranging from just toddlers to old men. Starting from using crayon when you were just a baby to using pens to sign a business contract when you are the manager of a company. So, what writing instruments were sold by the company? The company sold ball pens & gel pens along with refill which is essential in daily life, colorful and bright highlighters to mark up all the important parts on a book or notes, fancy pens for the kids to bring to school to share with their friends, mechanical pencil with pencil lead which had almost substituted the normal pencil, whiteboard markers and refills with several colors to choose from and last but not the least, a writing gift set to give your friends during their birthday.

Next on the list is the books & writing pad category sold by WM Wellmax Marketing Sdn Bhd. In this category, there are many products such as coloring books, art cover books, bill books, hardcover books and test pads. The coloring books have both English and Malay versions along with different page sizes to choose from. Hardcover books and test pads are a necessity for students of all ages. Bill books on the other hand are typically used by businessmen and there are several types of bill books with different numbers of layers for bill books and with different sizes as well. Cash vouchers are sold by the company as well such as payment vouchers, salary vouchers and receipt books.

Lastly, WM Wellmax Marketing Sdn Bhd also sells kitchen and cleaning tools. Under this category, there are cleaning tools, hand gloves, kitchen products, and face masks. All the cleaning tools that are commonly found in houses are sold here such as brooms, dustbins, washing steel balls and more. Kitchen products such as hand gloves that were worn during washing the dishes, kitchen aprons with different patterns, plastic wraps and knife sets can also be found at WM Wellmax Marketing Sdn Bhd.

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